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2021 T&E Budgeting for Inflation

I need help: I'm planning budgeting assumptions for 2020's remaining months and 2021 for T&E costs. While travel costs went down in 2Q 2020, they will rebound back to baseline pretty quickly once we recover and then some. My guess, and I would love to talk about it is 15% increases against the pre-Covid baseline.


With new cleaning protocols, new equipment costs to defray, new materials and additional time spent on the ground, the cost will be borne by the traveler. Not to mention there will be a cost associated with supply lagging demand for air seats as recovery occurs.

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Interesting question here. In talking to other customers, this seems like looking into a murky crystal ball... I'm interested to hear what factors others are considering while creating budget projections in the coming year. 

Chad Minnick
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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