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10+ Corporate Card Feed Providers (In addition to the initial 3 free ones!)

Hi,  is there a cheaper solution than getting a quote from Concur for credit cards feeds for 10+ separate Corporate card providers (in addition to the pre imp 3 included ones) for a potential customer we have ? 


Is the 'personal card charge import' still available and would this be better ? Or has this been retired ? Or do Concur reduce the Cost in the case of a baulk purchase of these ?


The Customer has dozens of small companies in over 20 countries, but only has a handful of users in each. So the cost of just a handful of users for each unique feed provider is high, so is considerable for 10 plus feeds.  


many thanks for any suggestions or help you guys can offer.


@KevinD any suggestions ? 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Snell I'll start by saying personal card charge import was sunsetted (I like how this word has replaced retired) several years ago. However, we still use Yodlee for users to link their personal cards to their SAP Concur profile. There isn't any cost associated to this. By linking their cards, the transactions from that card flow into their Available Expenses, just like a corporate card would. These transactions are tagged with the Out of Pocket payment type.


In my opinion, having a corporate card feed for a handful of users might not be worth the time and effort, especially if there is an additional cost to have more than three feeds. Anyway, try our Partner Support Portal, I'm sure they can better advise you on the subject.


Let me know if you have any questions.


As for the multiple feeds, that isn't my area of expertise. However, I noticed you said "The Customer", so I looked up your company. Looks like you are a Certified SAP Concur Partner. I would suggest submitting your question to our Partner Support Portal. We have dedicated people who specifically help our Partners with their questions.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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