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Report Key No Longer Appears in Mobile

Did you know that Concur has removed the Report Key from displaying in Mobile?  An employee can still see it if they go into Concur (desktop).  Additionally, the Report ID (the long alphanumeric) still appears, but not the Report Key.

I've been told this is related to GDPR (the Eurozone privacy regulation that just went into effect.)  But this doesn't make sense to me.  The Report Key has no personal identifying informaiton (PII), let along anything sensitive.  Plus, the Report ID still appears, which I would argue identifies the report just as much as the Report Key.  The employee can still access the Report Key via the desktop version of Concur.

This is a big deal to us because we have users in certain countries that (a) have to submit paper receipts to allow for corporate deduction of expenses - and they reference the Report Key on those paper receipts AND (b) are heavy mobile users.  Since they do so much of their expense reporting on mobile, they are really resisting logging into Concur on a computer to just pull up the Report Key.

Has anyone stumbled across this and having an issue?

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