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Recent Update Issues: Android App

About the past 1-2 months after one of the recent updates, several bugs have emerged (when it worked great before...I mean besides normal missing half the cities etc): 

  • when you hit date, rather than going right to today's date it now scrolls for 3-5 seconds starting around Jan 2011 (if you stop it, then you have to scroll).  Just annoying and takes longer to input receipts
  • Taking pictures used to be so fast/easy, now it starts at some default focus and doesn't focus unless you play with it going back/forth/etc.  I've had to start taking pictures in phone's camera app and then selecting as the camera function in app is now useless

That's it! (other than add US cities?  How are 30% of the cities I try to enter not found? Smiley Wink)

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Recent Update Issues: Android App

Hello vanderkrab, 


Thanks for your feedback, we will make sure it gets passed along to the appropriate team. 




Beshoy Maoud
SAP Concur - Site Manager

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