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Per Diem Optimal Set Up in Latvia

Latvian legislation states that if you spend less than your assigned per diem - difference needs to be returned to the employee bank account. Concur does not support this calculation logic. Does anyone have experience in optimal Per Diem Set Up in Latvia?

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Re: Per Diem Optimal Set Up in Latvia

Laba Liva!

Warm welcome from LithuanianSmiley Happy

Not sure I correctly understand your question. Do you want to find the difference between what was actually spend vs. per-diems? 

What's the point of that? 

In any case the idea of per-diems is to replace handling of receipts by giving a lump-sum for an employee, which means you should not care about how much he actually spend as long as employee is claiming that fixed per-diems amount.

Reimbursement of outstanding payables can happen via ERP system or via Concur (depends on your setup), so it's difficult to answer without knowing what you have configured.