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Exchange Rate to be modified by Processor

Dear Experts,


We have an issue with one of our scenarios in Concur Expense. Users create an international travel expense report and Concur picks up default Currency Exchange Rate from oanda it seems. When this report goes to Finance Processor, they want to change this exchange rate manually. However, this field is not modifiable by processor. 

Can exchange rate field be set to 'Modifiable' for Processor ?

Early response is much appreciated.





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Re: Exchange Rate to be modified by Processor

Yes, you Concur Exapens Administrator should have access to Forms and Fields under Expense Administration.  If so the open the report entry forms selection, then teh Fields folder and lookup  Exchange Rate.  Cha ge the Access Rights from Reday Only for Modifable for the Expense Processor and Expesne Processor Mangers roles. 

IF you do not have  Espense Admins right then you can open a Support Ticket and request the change.