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Concur Mobile App for Android


We have just gone live Globally and have found that users on Android are having a very differnt experience to those on Apple.

How is it best to report the issues?  For example a user who has an LG V30+ Android Ver 8.0.0 Oreo has had to delete and reinstall the app everytime he wants to use it!

Advice appreciated.


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Re: Concur Mobile App for Android

Log a ticket with Concur support.

I've had hundreds of users on various Andriod/iOS versions and devices with no issues.

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Re: Concur Mobile App for Android

Hi @kirstin_rintoul,

Are you android users using the PIN to login or are they using a password? Some of our users had issues before they added a PIN to their account.

Navigate to Profile --> Mobile Registration to set up a PIN.

There are user guides and a video tutorial here:

But, if it's beyond the scope of training/PIN, I would definitely submit a Concur help request with specific issues - logins of the users having issues and screenshots, if you have them.



Jessica Lynch
Associate Accountant & Travel Manager