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Occasional Member - Level 3

Concur Detect expense reports stuck in Detect

Hi Everyone, our expense reports from yesterday keep getting stuck in pending auto audit status in Detect.  Is anyone else experienceing this problem?  Did you find a viable workaround other than the "Submitted" option (which does not allow you to reject) in Concur?  Thank you.



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Occasional Member - Level 2

Re: Concur Detect expense reports stuck in Detect

We did notice that Detect had a backlog of reports in Pending Auto Audit status yesterday after Concur had the partial outage.  The reports are slowly being assigned a risk level but we do still have a backlog and have some reports pending for almost 24 hours.  We had sent a note to the assigned contact but have not heard back yet.  I'll give it a couple more hours but if no improvement, I will open a support ticket.