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Occasional Member - Level 2

Re: Company card admin page BLANK

Hi Jocelyn!
I assigned some cards a few minutes ago. It took some seconds in loading, but it was possible for me.

Occasional Member - Level 3

Re: Company card admin page BLANK

I was able to assign a card this morning, so you may want to try again.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Company card admin page BLANK

I believe Concur Open is for things like Travel, Expense and Invoice as far as the end-user functions are concerned. For example, is the travel booking tool down, are people not able to get into their expense reports. The reason is because end-users are a majority and the outages are for things affecting the most users.

Routine Member - Level 2

Re: Company card admin page BLANK

If Concur open is for end users than we need an equivalent page for Admins.  Not only is up to 100% of our job dependant on this - we also answer inquiries for all our employees.

Although we tell our employees about Concur Open - it seems they don't make a note of it.  Concur is something they do once a month or once a week.   They don't want that much involvement.

For my team this information is critical.

Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense