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Cash Advance Administrator - Search


For Cash Advance Administrators, the search functionality isn't as robust and I have been encountering issues with it. 

When using the Cash Advance key filter to search for an employee's cash advance, I am getting application error. Reason we're using Cash Advance key is because we have our posting done automated via the Concur - SAP FI integration tool. 

Can anyone advise on this?



Pritesh Jit Singh

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Community Manager

Re: Cash Advance Administrator - Search

Hi @tesh94


Thanks for posting!


This is an interesting topic. There is some documentation on the Cash Advances with the Concur - SAP FI integration tool here on page 34: You may already have this but more information never hurts.


This might also be a good question for our User Admin Group. There you will have access to User Admins who might have more experience with this topic. They might have some tips to share.


Hope this helps!  



Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager