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New Member - Level 1

Add new CreditCard

When I try to add a new credit card, it comes up with the Link Accounts page, however there are no intitution names and when you click on the search button, nothing happens.

Is this a bug?

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Add new CreditCard

Are you referring to Adding a Personal Credit Card? If so, after you click the Accept button, it will bring up the Search screen. Try typing the name of your bank. It should automatically search based on what you have typed. I've included a screenshot. I hope this helps.Bank.jpg

New Member - Level 1

Re: Add new CreditCard

I am experiencing the same issue with Concur...nat able to add a new card.  I have done this successfully in the past...and assisted many others as well.  When I try to add a new card, I see my existing AMEX Corporate  card on file, then I click "add new card" and click "accept"...and nothing.  No financial institutions appear and when I click on the search icon...nothing.


Anyone have experience solving this issue?