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What counts as a "Reviewed Receipt"?

Greetings fellow Concur admins! Would like to pick your brains on the following issue. As we continue to revamp our audit process, we would like to leverage the "Receipts Reviewed" field in Cognos, which indicates whether an approver had actually reviewed the receipt or had simply approved a report without reviewing it first. This is a great feature, but I am being told by Concur support that only clicking on the Receipt Icon will denote whether an entry attachment was viewed or not. I'd like to figure out a way to consider "hovering" over the receipt icon for a fixed length of time as a "Reviewed Receipt". Does anyone have any experience with modifying your receipt handling requirements to account for receipts reviewed when hovering over the Receipt Icon.

TL;DR - Running reports based on whether an entry attachment was reviewed by the approver or not prior to approval. Concur mentions only clicking the icon will tag the attachment to the expense entry as "reviewed". Any way to change this to account for "hovering" over the receipt icon?

Many thanks!

Nicholas Ratush

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Re: What counts as a "Reviewed Receipt"?

Hi @ratushn,

So, in the current UI, it is my understanding that both hovering over the receipt icon and clicking on the Receipt Image tab count as reviewing the receipt. It is possible that the support rep you interacted with was referring to the NextGen UI, in which there will be no hovering over icons to pop up receipts. You have to actually click on the receipt box for it to pop up. But I can personally say that I've witnessed a timestamp be created for a receipt being reviewed simply by hovering over the icon. Just checked it again right now and yup, still good.

Now, I'm an admin, but not an approver in the system. If I proxy into someone's account, go into their report library and find a report that's been submitted, neither hovering nor clicking on the expense & receipt tab will trigger that. The only place that it triggers for me is when I'm in the Processor. If I pull up the same report I tried to view while proxying and hover over the receipt icon, boom - timestamp.

The reason for this is because I'm technically in an approving role as a processor, and on that screen, the report is being reviewed. If a manager approver hovers over receipt icons on a report submitted for their approval, it should also trigger a timestamp.

If I could ask, what reporting are you doing on this? Are you building a custom report to review the receipt viewing, or are you using the standard report Concur has out there on the topic? If you're building a custom report, you can use those timestamps to discern whether an expense has been reviewed at all, but the standard report is more of an all-or-nothing approach.

@TRedman once provided this PDF on that standard report and it was immensely helpful understanding how it functioned. Thought I'd drop it here in case you wanted more info on the topic:


Anyway, hope that helps! Cheers!