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Translating Foreign Receipts

Hi! We are an International company and we audit reports internally. Do any other companies struggle with reviewing receipts that are in other languages? Are there any products out there that make this easier? Thanks!

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Re: Translating Foreign Receipts

I've had success with google translate (which is free), but I had to type in the text.

Concur does have a service that can do that for you as well (Concur Detect).



Occasional Member - Level 1

Re: Translating Foreign Receipts

Thank you! This is funny because before posting, I opened a case with Concur asking this question and they indicated that they did not have any products and told me to post a solution suggestion...

Occasional Member - Level 2

Re: Translating Foreign Receipts

For occasional use, Google Translate is great.  If you download their app to your phone, you can also take a photo of the receipt image and get a translation that way, rather than having to re-type the text.

Concur Detect is an add-on auditing tool that can read receipts in a multitude of languages.  It is not, however, only a translation tool, which is likely why Concur support would not have suggested it.  It is a complete auditing tool, with OCR and AI capabilities that can transform your auditing process.  We are going to be implementing it soon, and I'm really looking forward to it!