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Sales lunch allowance

Hi All


Please can i get some advise on how companies deal with Sales people on the road and given them a lunch allowance




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Re: Sales lunch allowance

manager's discression.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Sales lunch allowance

I have seen many customers handle this in many ways. For example, some have a daily limit where an individual can't have more than a given amount (say $75) on meals throughout the day. This could change if the dinner had attendees where the expense could change to meal-attendees instead of individual meal. itemized receipts are typically required for these type of expenses. 

Other clients have implemented a per diem policy where meals are paid for as long as they fall within a governmental allowed amount for that given city. Concur feeds in the GSA per diems on a daily basis for clients who need this service. 

Hope this helps.