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How do you handle receipt affidavits?

Is there a way to run a report that shows who did a missing receipt affidavit?

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Re: How do you handle receipt affidavits?

Hello! I know of one way, though it does require Intelligence, our reporting offering.

This is how you would create a report to identify those expenses using the Missing Receipt Affidavit function. You would use a filter in your report that uses the data item “Has Affidavit.” Find this field at the following path: Expense > Expense Reports > Entry Information > Additional Entry Details > HAS AFFIDAVIT. This field will display a 1 or 0. 1 = Yes, 0 = No. Apply the filter in the report to say “Has Affidavit = 1” and it will only pull those expenses with an affidavit.

I hope this helps!

As a side note, for the future, Missing Receipt Affidavit will eventually be called Missing Receipt Declaration in the NextGen Expense user interface.

- Clay Thompson @ SAP Concur
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Re: How do you handle receipt affidavits?

In EMEA, specifically France, have they adjusted the title? I find that many of our French colleagues find the label confusing there. They tend not to use it because of that.

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Re: How do you handle receipt affidavits?

We've taken it one additional step further by using the bursting capabilties in Cognos.  On a quarterly basis, a communication is sent to the associate (CC to leader) when 30% or more of their reports submitted used a missing receipt affadavit.  The communication reminds the associate of policy as well as touches on the VAT impact when a proper receipt is not attached.  It's a scheduled report so no touch aside from answering any questions we may get.  VERY SLICK!