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Re: Electronic receipts and how to most efficiently handle audit requests

Hi there everyone - not sure if we're on a different setup/version of Concur (although I thought it was all the same), but we're having trouble finding that role you all mention "Expense Processor (Audit)" under our User Permissions area.  

We only have the following permissions options (see the screenshot below):

1.) Can Administer Expense Reports

2.) Can Process Expense Reports

3.) Can Submit Expense Reports

4.) Can Approve Expense Reports. 


We'd love to get something like you mention setup on both the Expense and the Invoice sides, so that our external auditors can review any Expense Report or Invoice they need, without have the full access rights of a Processor or Admin.  Basically we'd like to give them "read only" access, so they don't mistakenly approve/delete/edit anything. 


We ran into a brick wall with support, in them telling us that basically there is no option like this, and that other companies just give their auditors wide-open Admin access rights, which I'm sure some do, but I don't buy that there's no way to do this.