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Default to USD


I was wondering if there is a way to set a Default by user to a specific currency?  I have noticed in our testing that sometimes the currency "sticks" to the last used.  I am not 100% sure but I believe it is when we are using the ExpenseIt app.  Essentially, this causes reports to be rejected because the amount requested is incorrect.


Another helpful item would be to highlight those expenses that are not in the local currency (USD or us).  I see the conversion in the list of expenses but if it were highlighted, it would be more easily noticed.



Darryl Worth
American Society of Hematology
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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Default to USD

You assign users a currency in their profile. As for the previous currency sticking, this could happen when you are testing adding out of pocket expenses to an expense report where you add an out of pocket expense and select let's say EUR as the currency. Then the next out of pocket expense you create might default to EUR because of the previous expense. This is because the system is trying to help out the user and assumes that other expenses occurred in the same currency. Now, if when you go live your users will be using corporate cards, this will not happen with the card transactions. If your users incur expenses in other countries and they use their corp card, the system will automatically show the local currency amount and the amount of the expense converted into their default currency. As for ExpenseIt, if the receipt shows a currency symbol, it should be able to read that symbol, however it is possible that what I described above with the out of pocket expenses might occur. Again, if you are using Corporate Cards when you go live, the card transaction that comes in will, in a matter of speaking, override what ExpenseIt shows when the two items are matched up. I hope this helps.