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Concur Setup - GL Codes

Hi. We are performing a first-time setup of Concur at our company and have come across something that we find odd. We are told that we can only connect one expense type to one general ledger (GL) account. We find this odd, as it means we would need to create a plethora of new GL accounts for each specific type of expense, rather than combining as usual in our GL. Is this indeed the case or has someone found a solution to have multiple Concur expense types end up in one GL expense code? (e.g. getting both hotel and airfare costs into one GL code, despite having different workflows for expense submission). Thanks!

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Concur Setup - GL Codes

I'm not sure who told you this information and since I don't know exactly how the person who told you this phrased it, but based on what you wrote, this is not true. 


You can assign the same GL Account Code to multiple expenses. So, if I want to use GL Account Code 1000 for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I certainly can. In fact, there is nothing that will prevent me from even using one single GL Code for every expense I have active. Of course, I would never do this, but you may want to go back to the person who told you this and have them clarify, because they may have meant something different. 


But you can certainly share GL Codes for multiple expenses. 





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Re: Concur Setup - GL Codes

It sounds like miscommunication.

In general*, Expense Type mapping to GL code is a many:1 relationship.  Each Expense Type is only linked to only one GL code, but you can have multiple Expense Types linked to the same GL code. 


*Through Accounting Administration you can set up hierarchies so an Expense Type can link to a different GL code depending on additional criteria e.g. you might have a single Expense Type called 'Accommodation' but have separate GL codes for domestic or international accommodation costs.