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Assigning expense reports for processing

HI,  we have several associates that process expense reports.  Basically auditing them to make sure they comply with our corporate operating policy.  Is there a way to assign expense reports to be worked and processed so the work is distributed evenly?

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Re: Assigning expense reports for processing

If there is, I haven't found it. We also have several expense auditor/processors, all working the same queue. So we use several methods to spread the work:

Our team lead wrote a query that surfaces reports with the oldest transactions. As the date each month when credit card late fees will be assessed nears, all the auditors use the query results to determine which report to pull next.

Our more senior auditors all have special employees (i.e. executives, the chronically challenged among us, etc.), who they monitor for report submission.

More junior auditors or those in training might use a query that surfaces simpler or low-risk reports - perhaps those with only a few transactions, or with only credit card transactions.

These are some of the ways we try to ensure all auditors are utilizing their strengths in getting the reports processed.

And as soon as an auditor opens a report, he/she is to mark it with 'Review Required' so other auditors won't waste their time looking at a report that has already been claimed.

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Re: Assigning expense reports for processing

I would agree with Kay. It will take a little bit of setup, but each processor can have a custom query to show only those reports they are responsible for and this query can be set to be the default query when they access the processor page. This is one way you can "assign" reports to people. You cannot actually assign reports to specific processors. 

The custom query does need to be built by each processor when they are logged into SAP Concur. You won't have the ability to build the queries for them. The queries take about 2 minutes to create. You most likely will need to work with each processor to get the query built.

Do you know how to build a custom query on the processor screen?