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Remote Employees - Internet Reimbursement

Can anyone share what they're currently doing in the way of Internet Reimbursement for Remote/Work From Home employees?

  • Do you utilize a monthly stipened?
  • Do you have a max monthly or annual reimbursement amount?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Occasional Member - Level 3

Re: Remote Employees - Internet Reimbursement

At my previous company, they started out reimbursing remote employees for phone/internet/fax up to $125 per month.  As more employees went remote due to office closures, they changed it to $75 per month and a one time $500 "office setup" reimbursment to get whatever was needed (desk, chair, printer, etc.)  After about 5 years, they decided that working remote was a perk and discontinued all reimbursements for home office expenses.  Part of the justification they presented was that employees would have internet service even if they did not work remote (perhaps at a slower speed but they still would have had something in place for personal use.)  


It really depends on the culture and if work from home is considered a perk or a requirement (due to lack of office space).