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Reimbursement currency for non_US employees who make corporate AMEX payment in USD

Hi everyone,


We have employees in US and UK. And corporate AMEX cards for all employees, regardless of the office location or local currency, gets paid in USD.


For a UK based employee, we defined GBP as the reimbursement currency. Problem is all AMEX charges only come in as GBP and not GBP and USD.


I've googled this question and also reached out to my implementation coach, but the response I received is to create separate log in IDs for non_US employees; one for reimbursement currrency of, say GBP for a London based employee for cash/OOP expense, and another one for USD for AMEX payments. We would rather not do that as we use corporate email as the log in ID.


I've learned that while Cash/OOP payment type lets you change currency, auto-fed credit card charges do not let users to change the currency. I was thinking about setting USD as the reimbursement currency for all employees, both US based and not, and have users to manually override USD to local currency on Cash expenses.


Have you ran into this scenario?


Do you have any suggestions?


Thanks for your input.

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Community Manager

Re: Reimbursement currency for non_US employees who make corporate AMEX payment in USD

Thanks for posting!


This might be a good question for our User Admin Group. Are you your company's Admin? If so, you should check it out! Our User Admin Group members have access to the peer-to-peer knowledge sharing of the group as well as the "what's New in Product" blog where we share the latest updates right from our product teams.


Hope this helps!

Ashley Bragg
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SAP Concur Employee

Re: Reimbursement currency for non_US employees who make corporate AMEX payment in USD

Hi jkim,


First, I want to say that the ideal solution for the long term is to make sure each user has an AMEX card with a posting currency that matches their reimbursement currency. This will resolve these types of issues. However, there may be any number of reasons that this is not an option for you and if it is not, we do have a possible solution. We call it Currency Triangulation.


There is a specific field in the Standard Accounting Extract (SAE) called Billing Amount (column 153) that can be used to help pay these cards. The Billing Amount filed is the Journal/Posting Amount converted to the currency of the card (USD). You can use this field to determine how much USD you need to pay down on the GBP user's cards.




Grant Chase - Sr. Training Consultant - SAP Concur, Global Learning Services