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Occasional Member - Level 3

Re: Receipt Requirements

@MicheleW wrote:

At my company, where our policy is >$25, I have seen receipt-less expenses come in for oddly round amounts ... like exactly $25. Not necessarily suggesting fraud, but it's certainly more likely if you don't require a receipt.

We see that, too. Did you know there is a system report for items near limit about? You can specifically run a report for items just under your receipt limit amount. This could help you spot frequent offenders.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Re: Receipt Requirements


Have you built a rule within Concur that requires both when audited or is a manual check to have the receipt (included itemized)?  What type of communication plan did you use? THANKS!

Occasional Member - Level 2

Re: Receipt Requirements

We require itemized receipts for all charges over $25 cash and corporate card.  We don't always get the itemized receipt for meals but it is a requirement in the policy and we will begin to enforce that more this year.

Focus your communications on the ability to take a picture using the cell phone and upload through the Concur App.  It will start to calm down once they see how easy it can be to capture the receipt.  As others stated, communication from Senior management will help quiet the noise as well.

New Member - Level 1

Re: Receipt Requirements

Hi Kevin - Do you have any data behind this?  We are considering relaxing our receipt policy (currently out of pocket expenses that are $25 or more require receipts and for corporate card transactions that are $50 or more).  Any data you have behind this would be great. Thanks!