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Re: Non-Staff reimbursement

I just read the Sponsored Guest User pdf file.... it says:


Sponsored guests are non-employees who need to be reimbursed for expenses. Some examples are: Interns, Candidates for Hire, Contractors. Concur's Sponsored Guest feature provides more visibility and control for sponsored guest expense reimbursement.


In addition, it also states:


Clients with Expense integrated with Travel can use Sponsored Guest features in Travel in addition to the features in Expense. Sponsored Guest does not require integration with Travel; however, Travel is required for the sponsored guest travel booking features.


So, this looks promising to me... especially if I can push the creation of sponsored guests to department managers or their designees.  Then I should only have to review, say quarterly to make sure all unused accounts get terminated.


Is my logic sound?

Darryl Worth
American Society of Hematology
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Re: Non-Staff reimbursement

Then I would say, “yes.” As for me, I specifically requested Sponsored Guest when we migrated over to Professional and was told we couldn’t because we didn’t have Travel. We wanted to use it for employee candidates and contractors as well. I’m guessing we were given incorrect information, or perhaps at the time it wasn’t available and that has since changed.


Terri Moreno
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Anaren, Inc. - Travel Manager - Syracuse, NY