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Implementing ERP - Sandbox Pros and Cons

Hello All - Looking for experiences of users.

We are implementing a new ERP (in our case, Oracle Fusion). It is a global implementation that will take several years to complete. During the first phase of implementation, involving only the US, we used our Concur Test instance to configure and test integrations from our HR system as well as from Fusion. These integrations include employee cost center and location lists, as well as project accounting lists and others. 

We are considering moving forward to future implementations without a Test instance. These implementations will also mainly impact Concur through integrations. 


Have any of you tried this? I'm concerned that integration testing will not be adequate if done in Production. One example is the need to place test employees in a 'Test Group' rather than their natural employee group. The next implementation will cover 8 countries, and this one example alone sounds so much more difficult and potentially confusing than using a Test instance.


However, perhaps I'm not seeing all the possibilities, so any advice or experiences you share will be appreciated. Thank you --

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Community Manager

Re: Implementing ERP - Sandbox Pros and Cons

Hey KayPellack,


Thanks for submitting your question, we look forward to hearing from other community member with their implementation experiences. 


- Beshoy 

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Re: Implementing ERP - Sandbox Pros and Cons



I have always used the test environment for builds, changes, and implementations including integration testing.  The test environment does cause some mauanl effort to test integrations but its well worth it.  No one, Concur, or company admin is "messing with" production resources.  Secondly, the test environment will offer limitations (as you prob. already know) such not able to kick off email notices etc... but you can kick off your own imports etc, which is nice.


Have you signed up for Web Services?  If not, highly recommended as it gives you a level of piece of mind, you can set integration scchedules to almost real time, and it's easier than building staging tables etc....