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Occasional Member - Level 2

Header Start and End Dates

Would love the ability to auto populate the Header Start and End dates.


For us they will always be the first and last days of the calendar month. 

Users find no value in having to add these every month.


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Occasional Member - Level 2

Re: Header Start and End Dates

A potentioal mehtod to auto populate the Header Start and End dates is to use two validation audt rules to update the Start and End Dates on Repor Save.  The Validation table would have B cas the code, the month and the start date for that month.  When submitted the rule would look up in the month column and update the start date into the report header start date.  Ths second validation rule would be the same with the only difference upating the end date.


Hope thsi helps.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Re: Header Start and End Dates

I agreed with craigeh1, you can use a Validation Rule to have this auto-populated . It also depends on the nature of the fields for your Start and End dates.

But technically , it is possible to auto populate it.