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Routine Member - Level 1

Would Like to See Solution Suggestions Here

Why go into the buried section of Help > Support > Community Info > Solution Suggestions to see what everyone is suggesting?!?!  Gotta wonder how many good ideas don't get promoted because the solution suggestion section requires users to go find it just to read ideas!

Would love to see it here!

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi Pam,

Thanks for the suggestion!

At this time we are not planning on implementing or moving our Solutions Suggestions portal to the SAP Concur Community. We are always interested in your ideas for Community, and are incorporating them into our future roadmap.

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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Occasional Member - Level 3

I agree with this posting as I'm not aware of how to communicate to other Concur Users.  There are many times I would like to post and ask for votes to cases or solution suggestions in hopes someone else would benefit from the same question. 


Routine Member - Level 2

I totally agree with you. It's like adding something to File 13. 

Occasional Member - Level 3

Yes agreed, I find the Solutions Suggestions hard to navigate and a bit overwhelming some times. 

Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi, yes, Concur needs to come up with a workable alternative for Solution Suggestions.  I think of Solutions Suggestions as the place when good ideas go to die.  It's just very cumbersome and very difficult to gather support for your idea and you never hear of them again.  I would love to participate on a customer focus group on improving this process!

Frequent Member - Level 1

I'd settle for the existing Solution Suggestions feature to have a major overhaul e.g.

  • provide a Search feature specific to Solution Suggestions rather than rely on the one that covers the whole Support Portal
  • allow users to filter on suggestions that they have raised, voted or commented on
  • grouping of categories i.e. there is no way to see just 'Expense' suggestions, I need to either look at all 20+ Expense categories one-by-one or view all categories, including Travel and Invoice modules that we don't have.
  • email notification when comments are added to suggestions I've raised.

It's also depressing to see great ideas with hundreds of votes going back many years and no responses from Concur (snapshot of the 'Top All Time' page):

  • Audit Log for on-line changes by employee admin
  • Allow clients to insert instructional text on Expense Forms
  • Ability to use Mobile App for proxy and delegate functions



Occasional Member - Level 3

Yes, these are all great suggestions.  If we are to get support from our colleagues, we have to make it easy for each other to find the suggestion.

Occasional Member - Level 2

How can we see replies?

Routine Member - Level 2

Agree that Solution suggestions as it exists is unusable.    Concur has never bothered to add a search feature - so asking for votes is of no value as others will not be able to find your suggestion.   The same suggestions can be added 100's of times - making votes for any one post meaningless.

Over the years I've complained to Concur reps and Concur management about the issues and am met with blank stares.   Then I ask them how often they go to the Solution Suggestion site.   100% of the time when I've asked that question to Concur management the answer is 0  - never.       



Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense
Occasional Member - Level 2

I agree with your but can not see any replies.

How can we see replies?

This board is a great concept but if we can't see replies what is the point?



Occasional Member - Level 2

How do we see responses?  I would really like to see replies.



Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks for the suggestion!

I totally agree with you.

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Two weeks ago, a very large Higher Ed client asked me if I could submit a solution suggestion to make solution suggestions easier to use.  They agree that putting it here with good search capabilities would be a great start.