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Submit Request error

Some travelers are encountering an issue with Submit Request button. When they click on it to submit their request, the system appears to accept the click and appears to be sent to the supervisor for approval. However, when the user gets back to their Manage Requests page the status shows Not Submitted.


This problem only occurs once in a while and does not seem consistent at all. It doesn't happen to all travelers as far as we can tell, and it happens with different browsers and types and locations of computers. The worst part is that there's not something that would normally alert the employee to the problem until their request expires because it never actually got submitted. It happened to me once and I only noticed becasue I went to my Manage Requests screen, but not everyone does that after submitting.


We have asked Concur and they have run tests, but have not been able to duplicate the issue. Has anyone else encountered this issue or have any advice on how we can correct it?


Thank you!