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New Admin Group

Great news that we have a new Admin only group.  But I'm wondering if maybe it isn't backwards?  Maybe only Admins should have access to all the discussions and end users should be in one group where they can post their questions.

My concern is that the Admin only group will be where all of the stuff we really care about gets posted and it will become unmanageable.


Terri Moreno
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Anaren, Inc. - Travel Manager - Syracuse, NY
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Hi there,

I tend to agree with this idea. In the Admin group, there should be a thread for solution vote-ups and such. Is it possible to have threads and different discussions in the only Admin group?


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Community Manager

Hi @JessicaL & @tjbmoreno,

Thanks for the comments! We appreciate your support and the positive feedback.

We have plans to continue iterating on and developing new features throughout the SAP Concur Community, especially gated areas for specific groups. One of our guiding principles of Community has always been "open by default". We will continue to evolve the groups and spaces according to the feedback that we hear from our users, and based on that idea of keeping as much information accessible to as many users of Community as possible.


Kelly Rigotti
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Terri @tjbmoreno You keep posting things I agree with and every time I have to make the decision to not use the word 'concur' to express my endorsement. 

The current private admin group will probably expand and eventually switch places with general admission organically, purely based on traffic. It makes sense to start off this way though to allow the community to build a solid foundation of data with which to make these decisions in the future. 

Here's a kudo for your idea!

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Amber, I’ve known since the first time I e-met you that I liked you! Great minds think alike!
Terri Moreno
Looking for new opportunities!
Anaren, Inc. - Travel Manager - Syracuse, NY