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New Member - Level 1

Improved Receipt Matching

For users it would be great if Concur could suggest the proper receipt matches to the expenses. We know with OCR/AI today it is easy to identify information like the dates on receipts, the value, and even the vendor.


When users have a large number or receipts auto auto-matching would be a huge time-savings for users of company cards where the data is fed into Concur automatically and receipts are uploaded separately.  This also has relevance to P-Card processes where receipts are often e-mailed to Concur to match to the credit card feed.

Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi Marc,


Not sure if you propose improved matching capabilities or the matching function itself, but here's my take on it:

Matching is currently possible via Smart Matching.

To simplify the entire process further, you can also guide users to use ExpenseIt to capture all documents and have expense items automatically created in "Available Expenses".

Out of Pocket scenario

Automatically-created items through ExpenseIt can default to Out of Pocket as a payment type, so users won't have to match anything.


Corporate Credit Cards scenario

If your Corporate CC charges are automatically fed into Available Expenses, the automatically created ExpenseIt items can get automatically matched to the charges via Smart Matching.

I recommend defaulting ExpenseIt items to "Pending Card Transaction" as a payment type to avoid users claiming Out of Pocket for Corporate Card transactions.


Hope this helps!