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Routine Member - Level 3

I wish this Community was an app!

Hi team - I am a great supporter of this Community and love the benefits it brings to Concur Admins scattered all over the globe.  

Call me old fashioned but I wish this could be an app that notified me of conversations I was interested in following or if there were responses to my questions.  @tjbmoreno showed me how to place the site as a short cut on my phone but after I get logged out unless I log back in again I miss out on some great conversations.

My phone has a truckload of apps already and I've been conditioned to open the ones with a notification symbol.  I know there are emails sent to me if someone replies to one of my questions but I get so many a day - I may miss them.  Always love your work - just believe this community can be taken to another level.

Kind regards

Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics