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Expense Reminder Customization Options

Hi everyone,


It would be great to have the ability to adjust the timing that Expense Reminder emails are sent out. I know I can adjust the rules for when they send and how often they send, but there does not seem to be anywhere that I can adjust the timing.


Our current problem is that the reminder emails for "Overdue Expenses" end up arriving in our employee's inboxes at 7PM EST. At that point everyone has left for the night so they do not see it that day, and by the next morning it could be buried in their inbox from all of the other emails they receive. This means that even though it is reminding them, there is no guarantee that they see the reminder email at a time that actually makes sense for them to address the problem.


I would love to be able to schedule them to come out in the late morning/early afternoon, but there is no ability to customize the timing of the emails.


I think this would be a great fix and give everyone the ability to have a little more customization and personal preference when it comes to the email reminders.


Thank you,