Insert an Image in a Report

You can insert an image in a report. You can insert images in other objects, such as blocks or table cells, directly in the report page or as the background image of another object.

Before you begin

The images that you insert must first be uploaded to the IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence server or another Web server and must be .gif or .jpg format.


  1. From the Toolbox tab toolbox tab, drag the Image object image object icon to the report and then double-click it.
  2. In the Image URL dialog box, type the URL of the image to insert or click Browse to go to the location containing the image.

    To browse images on a Web server, you must enable Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) on your Web server. For more information about configuring Web servers, see the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Installation and Configuration Guide.


Note: When I tried to insert image object from toolbox, I got the below error. I suspect that this is because we dont have any images on the server.