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Unable to take pictures of receipts. App constantly logging me out.

I've had several people reach out to me regarding various issues with the Concur Mobile App.  I downloaded the app myself to test out their issues and let me tell you..... they are not wrong.  


I tried to take a picture of a receipt I had on the main page but received an upload error.  So, I created an expense report and a transaction and then took a picture within the transaction of my receipt and that worked.  Then, I tried creating a transaction, got out of it, then went back in to add a receipt image.  After clicking 'Add Receipt' the app logged me out before I could even make a selections.  While doing all of this, which should only have taken a few seconds, took me over a minute because the app kept logging me out.  I did read a help article dated March 2021 of a security update to version 9.86 that requires you to sign in more often but holy cow!  I can understand the need to login again after a period of inactivity or if my phone screen goes dark but in the middle of adding a transaction?  That's absolutely ridiculous.  I should not have to sign in every 5 seconds!  I hear nothing but complaints from people who rely on this mobile app while they are traveling to do their expenses and, as an admin, I have no way to help them and no advice to give.  😞  I would love to promote this more but I just can't justify it.  

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That seems like a bug on the app. Do you have the latest version installed? I've open the app and it work when taking a picture and when adding an image to the expense.

Have note heard this problem from others. Most people in my company use the phone app, specially to take receipt pictures.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@kvavra the app shouldn't be signing users out while they are in the middle of using the app. If that is happening, then it is a definite bug. The app only signs users out after a period of inactivity. 


If this is still happening, you should submit a support ticket to Concur Support so they can look into it.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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