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Uber for Business Rideshare - how do you solve Uber Eats personal charges?

Hi all,

We transitioned to U4B rideshare in 2018 to stop the issues with employees putting personal trips on their corporate credit card.

I can happily state that we have had great success in adoption and the reduction in numbers of "accidental" personal rideshare usage appearing on our employees corporate cards.

Unfortunately Uber Eats has now become the issue as the predominant reason behind accidental use.  This is because once staff transition to U4B rideshare, their corporate card becomes a payment option for Uber Eats pruchases.  We only allow a small number of our employees use Eats to pay for their meals while on official business, so Eats for Business for Business is not really an option, for the vast majority of my cardholders.

I'd be interested in the experience of others in relation to mitigating accidental personal use of Eats for their corporate cardholders.

Is there a technical solution?  In lieu of that, how have you dealt with this issue?



Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics
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dear @RichardG 

I would ask myself how much is impacting this misuse of Uber Eats and how much time each month you or your team has to dedicate to fix or re-address with employees for fixing it.


I would approach the matter depending on the size of your company and effort needed to fix the matter versus the time needed to teach employees well how to use the system with consequences of misuse. If the chasing to fix is enormous, I could even consider to remove the contract with Uber as a whole.


Of course if employees submit an expense report with personal items, they should have enough cash expense to cover those costs, otherwise, and this I would do it in all cases, every quarter, running a report from Cognos, showing if any of the expense report submitted were having a "Personal Expense" not covered fully by cash expenses. Every quarter you or your team will have to chase a few employees to pay back the company. 

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari