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Personnel number in SAP SD

Hello Guys,


I hope somebody could help


I try to create an inquiry, an order or a quote in SAP, the system request the "Personnel Number", a credit rep. Previously  I have been using the system smoothly and the system never asked for this info before.

in the partner function tab, normally should appear only 4 partners

  • Sold-To Party: the entity that inquired the goods
  • Ship-To Party: to whom goods are be delivered to
  • Bill-To Party: the entity that is responsible to receive the bill
  • Payer: the entity responsible for the payment

Now, apart from those partners, the system asks for the "Personnel number "  Credit rep.


How can deactivate this function and solve the issue?


Thanks is advance,



I tried to solve the issue but nothing worked. Could you please indicate the exact steps I have to take to solve this issue? I don't know how or who caused this issue because the ERP IDES was working fine. Please, help

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @Puyita


Thanks for posting! Could clarify something? Are you looking for advice on SAP or SAP Concur? This community is focused on SAP Concur products. Though many of our members also use SAP, you may find your answer on the SAP specific community here.



Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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