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Monthly Newsletter

I was wondering if anyone uses monthly newsletters to communicate Concur functionality to existing users? And if so, any advice on a best practice (Ex. email, post on company site, etc.)?

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Super User

One thing you need to be consistent with the user is to communicate, communicate, and communicate. 


Our communications department created a marketing kit complete with branding logo (colors, graphics, newsletter template, etc) to use as part of our user education and information broadcast schedule. This branding kit is part of your message 


The newsletter is emailed to active travelers.  The same documents are hosted in the company's intranet page and shared page. 


Chart a schedule of important topics like updating your profile, tips of travelers, etc.  Once a quarter, send a survey to gauge traveler satisfaction and use the results for future newsletters. 


I hope this helps. 


Maria Steen
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Thank you Maria!


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We are actually just implementing a quarterly newsletter / announcement.  I am going to email it to our credit cardholders as well as post a PDF of the letter on our company intranet.


I'm trying to keep it VERY simple and only highlight a few things.  We have 3 sections, Best Practices, Did You Know, Receit Audit Findings.  In best practices we highlight what would happen in an ideal world to hopefully make expense submission easier.  Did You Know, highlight an application partnership, like Uber and Lyft, to make it easier to capture receipts.  Audit Findings, just that - things that have flagged with a reminder on company policy.  Also shows our team members "hey, someone is looking".


We'll see what the coming quarters bring for additional content!