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Mobile App-Red Flags

I have used the Concur app for years. Lately it has become harder to use. When I go to submit my expense report through the app it sends up multiple red flags and will not let me submit. 1 of the red flags is asking for a receipt for multiple line items. I have already attached the hotel receipt. As of now, I have to logon to the computer and literally all I have to do is click save on the expense that is red flagged and it is fixed. The app is not useful if I have to login to the computer to submit my receipt. Again, I have used the app for years and like it but now it is creating double work.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@MHagan what you are experiencing is not expected behavior and you are correct that you should not have to sign in on the web version to complete the task of submitting your report. 


Do you know who at your company is the SAP Concur site administrator? If so, I would have them submit a ticket to Concur Support so they can look into it and try and isolate the issue.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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