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How to find and pull out From&To locations besides the current fields

Hi guys, I know the fields of custom 11/12/13/29 in Concur are in using for our company, so I want to add them into Cognos reports, however custom 11/12/13/29 in Cognos are totally different from Concur interface, I cannot find the correct ones, would you share your experience on how to find a field which is existing in Concur? Thank you!


For example,

custom 12 in Concur interface shows like Custom 12 - City Pairs (AMEX only)

custom 13 in Concur interface shows like Custom 12 - Passenger Name

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Chenling these are tricky. First thing I would ask you is what folder did you pull the Custom 12 and Custom 13 data items from? What did you expect to see from the Custom 12 and 13 fields?


There are four main areas used when it comes to pulling data items: Employee Forms, Report Header Forms, Entry Forms and Allocation Forms. The Custom fields can be used on each of these forms and therefore pulled from each of these folders in the data warehouse, but could be pointing to different types of data. In short, the custom fields are found in various areas of the data warehouse.


So, in your case, you might be wanting to see the Custom 12 and 13 data for an expense entry, but if you used the Custom 12 and 13 data items from the Report Header or Employee Details folders in the data warehouse, you are not going to see what you are looking for.


Does that make sense? So, double-check the folder in the data warehouse you pulled these items from. Let me know what you find. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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