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How to create a report with itinerary segments

Hi community,

I am struggling with creating a report comprising the itinerary segments.
We are working solely with the Travel Allowance Service and I understand I need to work with the "Itinerary Segments" in Concur Intelligence, the basic "Itineraries" entry point for a report doesn't work, i.e. not all reports with an itinerary are displayed.

So I want to display all expense reports which have an itinerary stored along and display their first departure date and their last arrival date, i.e. homecoming date. I don't care about all intermediate steps during the business trip.


I don't know how to bind the data properly and need an advice.


Thanks in advance and best regards,



Community Manager
Community Manager

@rwulfdeit what do you mean by, "the basic itineraries entry point for a report"?


Which data items or area in the data warehouse are you referring to?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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