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Concur data retention Best Practice

We are using Concur for travel and expense management for quite some time now. For regulatory requiremnets we need to dispose User's data after 7/10 years of termination and looking to implement Concur data retention feature for this purpose.

Concur does not provide Data retention feature in test environmnet and I am hesitant to directly implement it in production.

I am here to understand if there is a plan B of doing this or if any of you are able to identify a way to test this feature on your instance before implementing it on production data. Basically looking for best practice of using this feature.

Thanks in advance.


Occasional Member - Level 1

If the test environment lacks data retention features, consider manually anonymizing or masking sensitive data in your test instance. This allows you to simulate the effects of data retention without directly affecting real user data. Instead of applying data retention policies across all users or records, test the feature on a controlled subset of data. This can help you evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the retention policies in a more controlled manner.

Before implementing data retention policies in the production environment, ensure you have a robust data backup and restore process in place. This way, if any issues arise, you can revert to a pre-implementation state.