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Concur Reporting - Internet Explorer / Edge


I have a user that uses the Concur Reporting module. I understand that it is only compatible with IE 11 and Firefox, and that even Firefox has some sort of limitation that doesn't allow them to complete the actions they need with their report. They are able to access the reporting module in IE, but when they try to click the link to one of their reports it is redirecting them to Edge which they say also does not allow them to use the feature they can with IE.

I got the report to work in IE for a moment, but the next time she tried she was getting the same behavior. When I was able to get the report to work, I had just installed Java, checked IBM Cognos site settings and made sure they matched, and disabled the IEtoEdge BHO add on in IE.

Can someone please tell me what I need to get this report to open in IE? Has anyone else had this issue with Concur reporting?