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Concur Drive- reports?



We use Concur Drive and are looking for different reports that will help us understand what employees are using it and how they are using it. Does anyone have any reports they currently use that they can suggest we start with?


We are looking for a report that tells us an expense of Mileage and how it was entered in to the report. Was it collected through the Concur Drive or manually entered by the user in their report and using the Goggle map calculator. Is there a field in the report that will identify this?



Erin B

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Currently, there are no reports available to find the list of users who are using the Drive feature. 


This report includes the number of mileage entries, percentage of Concur Drive adoption, number of mileage entries associated with Concur Drive routes, and the percentage of Concur Drive routes that were modified. The report also displays the top 10 employees with the highest number of modifications to their mileage amounts provided by Concur Drive. The Drive Adoption report displays the data for the current calendar quarter based on the Sent for Payment Date.

Follow the below instructions to run this report.

  1. From the Top menu item, select Reporting-->Intelligence
  2. Click on Current User.
  3. Under Public Folders, click on Intelligence - Standard Reports.
  4. Click on Spending
  5. Click Drive Adoption
  6. Select from the Employee Country drop down the specific Country of Users you wanted to check: 


  7. # of Mileage Entries
    • Drive Adoption
    • Mileage Entries with Drive Routes
    • Drive Route Modifications
    • Rank • Employee
    • Employee ID
    • # of Mileage Entries
    • Mileage Entries with Drive Modifications
    • Route Distance – Drive
    • Route Distance – Mileage Entry 

        Route Distance – Mileage Entry





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Thank you. 


In a Query report, is there a field you can add to a report you create that shows all expenses for an employee or all expenses submitted with a specific expense type (ex. Mileage) that would show how the expense was entered? I feel like I have seen this before but now when I am in Query I cant find it within all the field options.