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Concur Drive: PROs and CONs

Our compnay recently introduced Concur Drive to all our field techs and I am gathering feedback on positive or negative features that have been already wroekd thru.


For example: 


One tech reports, 


Were you able to build an expense report? No! The problem is it does track mileage but every time you stop for gas or restroom break or whatever reason it stops tracking and treats it as a way-point. When you start driving again it starts a new line item until you stop again. This is a MAJOR problem. As an example, today I drove to Natchitoches, LA. With some stops for gas and restroom breaks (7-hour drive time for the day), as a result I had 8 separate line items for mileage. The problem is when I uploaded there is no option to merge the 8 segments into one to enter into a running report I am working for the entire week. The result was 8 separate expense line items instead of just the one. The problem is at the end of the week I will end up with a report with at least 40 to maybe 60 individual expenses for the auditors to figure out. For us “Road Worriers” we do one report for the week with each expense line representing one day’s travel. This system needs to be revamped because in my opinion this system was designed for people that travel sporadically for work and it’s a train wreck for people that travel every day. With the current set up, we would turn in reports for the week that were somewhat easy to audit and with the addition of automatic mileage entry and deleting the manual entry option our reports with take twice as long to complete, give the auditors and managers a headache, and really upset techs as report return rates will double at least. Because of the current issue it normally takes me a couple of minutes to complete my mileage for the day, today has taken me an hour to fix the 8 separate entries and just ended up doing it the “old” way to fix.

Another thing to note that the app crashed twice today resulting in several miles to not be counted. I fixed the issue by turning off Android Battery optimizations in the system so I think that may have fixed that problem.


Did you find the mileage to be accurate? No, my mileage was off by 9 miles.


Did you choose to manually start each trip or have the app track automatically? Used Manually started today. Will try automatically track tomorrow.

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Hi John,


I found your post interesting as I am trying to implement Drive and not getting much assistance. I was wondering if you could update me on how things are going with the app since you last posted. Obviously things maybe slower due to COVID but is this still an issue for your field techs?


Thank you!

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I too just implemented Drive and am having similar issues.  My test group is not happy :(.  It seems to create a lot more steps to the process of tracking mileage.  Please let us know if you have been able to resolve your pain point below and how.  Thanks!