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Concur Detect Email Communication?

Hi All,


I am getting ready to finally flip the switch on Detect, and I need to send an email out to our users.  I'm wondering how others have handled that.  How did you notify users of the change to having every expense report reviewed?  Or did you not send anything? 


If you did communicate to your users, what did you include, or what did you wish you had included?  A lot of my users are going to be very shocked when they start getting reports returned because they don't have itemized receipts included, so I feel like I should prepare them.



Torie Hightower   

Occasional Member - Level 3

Prior to launching Detect, we already had an audit process in place, so a report being returned wasn't necessarily new to our users.  That said, the new status of "Pending External Validation" in Concur was new, as was the fact that every report was now being audited. We also knew it was likely that the number of reports being returned would increase. 


We didn't send out a separate communication, but did include a mention in our monthly newsletter ahead of launch giving a heads up and very basic details. We still got some questions from users, but I think it reduced that volume.  


We also found it helpful to set up several Reject Template Messages in AppZen that the auditors can select when returning reports.  It makes sure that the reason is explained well (I don't always think that the AppZen messaging is all that clear), and that messaging is consistent. 


Best of luck! 🙂


Occasional Member - Level 2

Good Luck on fliipping the switch! We went live, Monday, May 4th. We made the decision to NOT communicate this to users as we want the tool completely transparent to the end user.  So far it's been going well and we haven't received any negative feedback. We worked very closely with Concur/AppZen to ensure that all language, exception codes, and email notifications had zero presence of "AppZen" anywhere within the tool.