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Occasional Member - Level 1

Categories in Request

Good afternoon,


I am attempting to coordinate my expense categories with those in Request, but am having difficulty finding the Request list to edit! We are using the Professional platform.  I appreciate any feedback.


Thank you!

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee



The Expense Types are enabled per Request Policy (

In case you do not have permission to configure your Concur Request - Expense Types, I'd recommend you to raise a case to receive assistance from our Support team.
Note: The Expense Categories and Types are shared across Request and Expense, with the flexibility to enable an Expense Type for only Request, only Expense or both.


Hope it helps,


Super User
Super User

This is a problem with Concur Request. SAP Concur provides wonderful self-service options on the Expense side if you attend their advanced configuration training. This gives the user to many configuration elements that allows your organization to be self-sufficient in many ways. Sadly, they do not offer the same access for Concur Request, even though many of the configuration screens are virtually identical to the Concur Expense screens. This forces their customers to reach out to Concur support any time they want a change to Request workflows, expense types, forms...etc. 


It is exceedingly annoying and something that we routinely mention to our account reps.

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I agree! Why is it that Request does not offer self-service options? I am increasingly frustrated with Request. It is NOT the integrated tool that was sold to us. We have had to change the way our travelers book in order to use the tool and it is a major pain-point.