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Occasional Member - Level 1

CBS Statement Status Reports

We just implemented CBS Statements.   Having difficutly tracking the status of submittal/pending approval/approved.


Does anyone know of a standard report that we can run to determine the status of our CBS Statements (PCard) reports.   


We are trying to determine:

1  Who has not submitted their reports for the month

2  Which reports are pending managers's approval

3  Which reports are complete.


We would be running this report on a daily/weekly basis.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Occasional Member - Level 3

Have you looked at the Workflow Aging-Details report in Expense Processing folder? Check that out and see if it meets your needs.

Super User
Super User

Under the Accruals folder, you can run a report of unsubmitted card tranactions which would indicate information for your 1st question.   Under the expense processing folder you could also try the approver statistics report that will show the # of reports approved by approver for a specific date period. 

Nancy Murray
Occasional Member - Level 1

We  modified the standard " Company Billed Transaction Reconciliation - Detail (Calendar Month)" report under company billed statemetns and added the last submitted date and approval status column to track this.



Super User
Super User

We ended up creating a report that better fit our needs.

1. unsubmited transactions

2. unsubmitted reports

3. reports pending approval


You can also use/update the credit card transactions report to pick up the report # where the transaction has been submitted and if the report is pending approval.


The canned reports are great as a base start.

Occasional Member - Level 2

Like others already mentioned, you will probably need to create a simple report in Cognos or use one of the out of the box CBS report as a starting point.  Just bear in mind, the report data is only refreshed nightly.


One question I have is : Do you want the reports and use it as a tool for follow up purposes or do you want the users to follow the process by themselves.  If you prefer the latter, you might be able to accomplish this via email reminders.  Lastly, you might also be able to extract the list of CBS reports under the Expense -> Process Reports screens if you have the expense processor roles.