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Occasional Member - Level 3

Another Reporting question - on User Groups


When you are assigning user permissions unter the Travel Tab, you can create Groups.  Is there any way to report on these groups.

Here's the example, we created a group called "Ghost Card Users".  There are no permissions  or roles assiged to this group, but the travel agent know that if a use is in this group they can charge their tickets to ou Corporate Ghost Card.

I want to create a report for all of the "Ghost Card Users" so I can cross check it against employees that have their own Corporate Credit card.

I can't seem to find this field anywhere in Intelligence.

Any ideas?

Mary S
Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi Mary,

Not sure if this works for your company, but I found the Ghost Card info in the one hightlighted in orange, and the group info highlighted in green.

Concur Data Warehouse - Expense - List - Employee Information - Additional Details

  • Travel Rule Class
  • Travel Config
  • Try everything started by "Custom"

Concur Data Warehouse - Expense - List - Employee Information - Traveler User Fields

  • Try everything started by "Profile"