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Adding a Date Prompt For Reports using Intelligence Reporting



I have numerous outdated reports that either provide me with super old information or none at all. 

I sometimes have the prompt to choose which dates to run the report for, but that does not happen all the time for some reason. 


Does anyone have any idea how to prompt this or add it to the report consistently?


Thanks in Advance. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@kvelez if a report has a prompt built into it, it will appear every time you run the report unless someone preset the prompt values. 


Adding a prompt depends on how the filters were built into the report. Do you have the name of a specific report in your Cognos reporting you can point me to? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Kevin, thank you for the response. You were correct, the values were preset. 


I was attempting to use the data prompt on our Data Dump report called: Dump of Data Sent For Payment 


I opened a ticket and got it resolved. 



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To consistently prompt for dates or add a date selection option to your reports, you will need to modify the report template or the process through which the reports are generated. Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve that:

  1. Modify the report template: If you have access to the report template, you can add a date selection prompt directly to the template. This could be done by inserting a form or a dialog box that asks the user to input the desired date range before generating the report. Make sure to provide clear instructions and validate the input to ensure accuracy.

  2. Customize report generation process: If the reports are generated through a specific software or script, you might need to customize the code to include a date selection prompt. This will require programming knowledge or the assistance of a developer. By modifying the report generation process, you can ensure that every time a report is created, the user is prompted to select the relevant dates.

  3. Use a reporting tool: Consider using a reporting tool that provides built-in date selection options. Many reporting tools have features that allow users to select date ranges dynamically. You can explore options like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or other similar tools that provide date filtering capabilities. This way, you can generate reports with updated and relevant data each time.

  4. Seek assistance from IT or technical support: If you're unsure about how to make the necessary modifications or customization, it's best to reach out to your IT department or technical support team. They will have a better understanding of the systems and processes involved and can help you implement consistent date selection options in your reports.

Remember to provide clear and specific instructions to the relevant personnel or developers regarding the desired changes to ensure that the reports consistently prompt for date selection or include the necessary date filtering options.