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Mileage in Australia

Hi Team,


I would like to hear some thoughts or insights on how everyone is managing mileage in Australia. We currently reimburse employees through the rates method, but it makes it hard to keep track of in Concur as the mileage is reimbursed via payroll. 


Our employees submit claims that include credit card, out of pocket, and mileage. When they are paid their reimbursements, we have to take into account that the amount also includes mileage. We then need to find out how much and deduct the amount before paying it out (the mileage amount is forwarded to the payroll department). This is really not a great process (lots of room for error) and I have been struggling to find a way to make this better (I have asked Concur if we were able to add another payment type to better identify the mileage amount only but that is not an option).

Curious if any of you have a better way of handling this!





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Good morning


we manage personal mileage through concur,  we use the rate per km amount.  We have a monthly report that is run to keep track of personal mileage, so that this is added to the payment summary at the end of the financial year.  As all the data is in Concur we are able to extract it from there.


We have a separate expense type for personal mileage, so even if the staff member claims multiple expense types, if one of the expense types is personal mileage this is reflected in our monthly km report and that is sent to payroll to monitor.


Our reimbursements to staff are paid through our accounts payable, as all staff maintain a staff vendor account, and this is not paid through payroll.


Hope that helps.




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We use the same process as Janina in our organisation.

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We manage mileage through payroll and it does not go through Concur at all. Employees submit mileage report to HR and it's reimbursed to them with their monthly pay.


I think there are two solutions that make sense:

1. Fully managed and processed by HR, like what we are currently doing.

2. Submitted in Concur and reimbursed together with all other expenses - then reported to HR through an Analysis/Intelligence report, for taxation reasons - which is what I think Janina's organization is doing.


It makes very little sense to me to have it submitted in Concur but manually exclude that amount from reimbursement and reimburse it through payroll instead.


Hope this helps,


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This is very interesting information, thank you.


We are in the process of moving mileage claims from our existing system (where we pay by km via Accounts Payable and once the threshold of 5000km is met the claims are paid via Payroll for taxation purposes)  Concur Expense doesn't seem to have the functionality to do this from my understanding.


I think we need to re-think how we are going to handle these as what has been suggested is similar to Janita's method.  I am worried about moving from a fully automated process now, to a part automated, part manual process given we have almost 30,000 employees within our Org.

We are hoping to investigate the possibility of some sort of integration between Concur and SAP to alleviate the manual process and mitigate risk of error.

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Hi Katie,  how do your employees currently claim the mileage?  on line portal?/form? What is the suggestion going forward for the employees?  Admittedly we don't have 30,000 employees who claim mileage, but we have found using the expense type personal mileage and setting the limit in the set up to work really well, as we have the monthly KM report sent to payroll we can monitor who is at the 5000 km limit and the end of year payment summaries are correct.   It works really well for us.