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Language settings - Claim vs Report

Fellow Australian customers, what do you use as your default system language in Concur?  We use English (Australia) as that is my general language preference over US English (and I'll use UK English in any system where Australia isn't an option).


My annoyance with this is that Concur calls reports 'Claims' instead of 'Reports' under Australian and UK English.  This is at odds with how everyone refers to expense reports as well as every piece of Concur documentation, which calls them Reports.  It's worse in the app where it's driven by the device settings.


It's not a huge issue but can be confusing for users and I was wondering if anyone else shared my grievance. 😀

Occasional Member - Level 2

We have over 5000 users within our organisation and have had this frustration voiced from time to time as our support guides don't always match what users see in regards to Reports Vs Claims.


We did set up the language globally when we first went live with SAP Concur, but as you can appreciate, there are new users and users who like to change the settings on their own.


It would be great if Concur could adopt Report as a global setting.

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Thanks @katiehowle.

I have created an Improvement Request for this:
Improvement Request Details - Customer Influence (